Benefits of Hiring e2g and Outsourcing Some of Your Everyday Tasks

  • By outsourcing even one or two tasks frees up time to spend with your family and friends

  • By outsourcing your errands, you are freeing up more time for yourself. It allows you to focus on the tasks that truly matter to you!

  • By outsourcing those time-consuming tasks your productivity increases. You can accomplish more at home and work. You will have more energy and the ability to relax or do an activity you never have time for.

  • By outsourcing your errands, your limited and valuable time just expanded. Running errands can take up as much time as a second job. You have the freedom to do what is important in your life.

The ability to do what is important in Your Life.


“Linda has become an indispensable part of our family.  My husband and I are busy professionals each working 60 plus hours plus per week.  Linda makes sure our home keeps running.  She organizes our home, grocery shops, preps meals and does some cooking.  She runs all errands for our family and schedules all maintenance that needs to be done at the house and meets them at our house.  Linda takes initiative and is hard working, punctual and caring.  She treats our home and family like her own.”

-Steffani, a current Client
concierge, errands plus more

“As you know, when you stopped in to introduce yourself and your company, it was like an answer to a prayer!  The partners have been asking for a service like yours to utilize during tax season for personal errands such as tire rotation and dry cleaning.  We had spoken to other companies but their pricing structure and time commitments were not in line with what we needed.  We were very happy with your pricing and the services you were able to provide.  You will definitely be hearing from us again.”

-Michelle, Office Manager

Awesome concierge, Linda was on time and very co-operative. 12/10 the service.

~a client moving to a new home

Email or Contact Linda @ 734.455.6914 or 734.474.6853